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Composing ~ Inspiration

One of my focuses in 2018 was to start building a library of music that I can make available for use in video production.

As of writing this (Jan. 2019) I have 35 pieces available. These pieces range in style from Rock to Electronic, Ambient and Modern Classical. My next goal is to expand the library up to 50 pieces, and make the entire library available as pat of a subscription, via Patreon or similar service. I will continue adding music to the library as I create it.

After creating these pieces I realized that there were specific approaches I had used to compose/produce them. These approaches focus mainly on finding inspiration. I feel these approaches are worth sharing; not only for other composers/producers, but also for music listeners who are interested in the creative process. Over the next few pages I'll talk about these approaches in detail and provide some examples of what I'm creating as a result.

There are 4 basic approaches I'm using at the moment:

1. In The Style Of ...

I look for requests for music in the style of a genre or particular artist, then I write/compose music that fits the character of the source material, while making sure that the end result is genuinely my own.

2. Site and Sound

This approach is about listening and watching YouTube channels, TV shows or movies, then writing music that is directly inspired by the audio and video.

3. Personal Challenges

This is the self directed approach of setting goals and accomplishing them. For Example: writing a short piece for piano influenced by a certain composer, or writing a string quartet, or writing for violin. This can also tie in with approach #1, writing “In The Style Of”; the difference being that in this approach, every aspect is self-directed.

4. Letting It Flow

This is a more personal process that I try to apply to every piece at some stage of writing. This approach has more to do with conveying how I'm feeling at the time, or expressing what I feel I need to, rather than responding to a specific set of challenges.

What I should point out from the very start, is that; while I have been able to narrow down my approaches to these basic 4, in practice there is usually some kind of overlap. My process of composing can involve any combination of these approaches. In my examples, I will try to present pieces that are almost entirely the result of using one specific approach.

Another thing to remember is that these are 4 approaches that I happen to be using right now, they will no doubt change over time. They work for me, but, they may not work for you. They might, however, inspire you, or help you to examine your own process.

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