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Friday May 4th, 2018

May the 4th be with you.

For years I've been wondering what to do with this domain. It's origins are a little hazy now, though perhaps a little less hazy than when the name was first conceived.

Monkeychirp first started floating around as a name back in 2001. I was just starting to get contracts as a freelance web designer, and was so completely enthusiastic about everything web related. Most of my time, when not dedicated to working on code, or working on ideas in photoshop, was spent imagining what the web would be be like in the future. Back then, there was no Google, no Twitter, no Facebook and no Instagram. Social media was social inasmuch as: like minded people would link to each other's websites via a “link” page on their sites. And there was something magical about that format... especially looking back on it now. Anyway, what was clear to me back then (and to many other people no doubt), was that there was a huge potential for large scale community interaction. The kind of interaction we see now in what we call “Social Media”.

Monkeychirp, although never developed as a social media platform, was my answer to the potential for large scale community interaction. I had several conversations with people about it at that time; a site where you could share all of the music you enjoyed with other people, create custom curated radio stations, share artwork, share ideas, share in general - the site would become a means of expression to let others now who you are. Conceptually, Monkeychirp represented the act of monkeys climbing to the top of their trees, chirping out, and listening to each other's chirps. Breaking out of isolation, communicating over vast distances.

Eventually social media came to fruition, and... monkeychirp did not, and I'm okay with that. :)

After years of wondering what to do with the monkeychirp domain, and questioning the value of "social" media, I finally decided what to do. will be a minimalist anti-social blog.

What does that mean? Just a simple blog wihtout all the hang-ups of social media; that's all. Minimal interaction. No comments. No likes. Just me posting what I do, as I do it.

~ Cory

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