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That Other Cory Todd!

A Cory by any other name...

It's a funny thing that our names seem so unique to ourselves, yet there are, of course; other people with the same first and last names. This is why I try to include my middle name in at least parentheses where possible. It turns out that there is another Cory Todd who is a guitarist as well! His most recent work (that I'm aware of) is on a Deep Purple Cover, this I know because it appears on my spotify page... even though I had nothing to do with it. My distributor has been notified (of course), and spotify is usually very quick to respond, so this should be corrected soon. I wonder does he have my stunning hairline as well? So, if you stumble upon my site while searching for that Cory Todd... well, I'm not him! However, please feel free to check out my humble offerings. And all the best to that other Cory. :)
~ Cory

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