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Merry Christmas 2022!

Dec 23, 2022

Wow. 5G, Russians, Nazis, Running from Afghanistan, the death of the Queen, and even more Covid! On to more exciting things: Merry Christmas! I've actually been very busy lately, learning about e-bikes and taking advantage of the gig economy; doing local deliveries on my e-bike! Being an Artist and a Musician usually means that money is tight, so this has been a great opportunity and a lot of fun as well. Sadly this has meant less time for Art and Music. I was able to set aside some time last week to do a quick pencil drawing for my christmas cards this year.

Nothing overly complicated, 2B pencil on cold press paper, scanned, reduced to 50%, set in an oval vignette with texture from one of my oil paintings in the background.

The cards are printed on 5"x7" hot press cardstock purchased from Amazon, sold as a set with envelopes. It's a nice tradition for me, to ensure that I create some artwork at least once a year.


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